Top 5 Tips To Extend The Lifespan Of The Printer

The lifespan of any printer mostly depends on “how you utilize it and the way you use it”.  In this era of the digital world, the printer plays a vital role in every office today. Printers have simplified our lives in such a way that, it’s a very useful and helpful product that we all need in our day-to-day lives. However, having a good printer is crucial to streamline work and thus providing it with a routine maintaining can significantly extend its lifespan and printing quality too. Here, we’ve listed some life-saving tips and tricks for business printers to extend your printer’s usability and to avoid common printer offline problems.


  1. Clean The Internal Side Of Your Printer:

Safety first. Firstly, ensure to shut down your printer and unplug it. Let it cool for at least half an hour to avoid burns and accidents. Open the printer up and remove excess dust, other debris and gently wipe it away from the interior. Dedicate 10 minutes of your time, once a month for cleaning the printer thoroughly and consequently, the printer will last longer with you.

  1. Keep Your Printer in Standby Mode:

Continually turning the printer on and off isn’t good for it and can have a negative impact. At the same time, keeping it on all the time can lead to unnecessary heat that can dry up the cartridge and the printer header to get clogged. However, if you’re not going to use your printer for days, it’s better to leave it on standby.

  1. Ensure To Close The Manual Feed Tray When Not in Use:

If your printer has a manual feed tray to print labels or legal-sized documents than ensure to close this feed tray when you are not using your printer. Because, there is a possibility to crash into the protruding tray and could be easily get broken due to the quick turn of a seat or an accidental slip.

  1. Use High-Quality Paper And Best Ink Cartridges:

In today’s market, there are many cheaper cartridges and papers available. But think before buying those, a low-quality paper can put a lot of strain on your printer while poor ink cartridges can leak and cause a lot of malfunctions. So, ensure to purchase high-quality and premium ink cartridges to obtain the best results.

  1. Don’t Use Bent, Torn or Used Paper:

Do you know why paper jams mostly happen? It’s all due to damaged papers. Yes, what you heard it right. Whenever a paper jam happens, the printer will surely make you big trouble. So, stay away from paper jams and other issues by simply utilize the papers that aren’t torn, bent, or damaged.

  1. Update Your Printer Operating System Regularly:

It’s important to check and see if your printer is running the latest version of its software. If not, install the current software update that will optimize the system, fix bugs and finally improve the printer performance.


The above simple steps will definitely help you extend the lifespan of your printer by saving you money, time and frustration. Still, having any questions? Printerofflinefix is here to assist you. We know how faulty printers can affect your deadlines, particularly when you need to print high-volume of papers. Our printer professionals can easily troubleshoot all kinds of problems related to printer network issues and other relevant services and finally make your printer back online.

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