How to Fix Printer Offline Network Errors

Got a printer in your workplace or home? Is your printer being perpetually offline while you’re trying to connect it to your system? Don’t worry! The printer displays the error message “Printer Offline” is the most common issue that you’ll face while using the printers. Despite, the printer being a machine tends to malfunction at times, particularly when you need it the most. The printer problems occur when your printer can’t communicate with your PC or perhaps there will be an issue with the network affiliation.


First, check out the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) status to find out the printer offline error. SNMP monitors and collects information about managed devices on IP networks like routers, printers, servers, etc., to find out if a device has any problem. However, I’m going to address how to fix the SNMP of the device.

Step 1:

1. Disable the SNMP in the print driver i.e. TCP/IP port. It takes less than 1 minute and requires no technical skills. If once the SNMP is disabled, the “Offline” printer status will change to “Online” status, thus you’ll able to continue with your printing activities.

How To Disable The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) in The Print Driver:

  • Go through the start menu and open your Windows control panel
  • Open the devices and printers menu
  • Right-click on the network printer icon, then check on printer properties
  • Click on the ports tab and choose to configure port option
  • Uncheck SNMP status is enabled in new window
  • Click “OK”. But remember that printer network ought to interpret “Ready” instead of “Offline”

Did you find any option? If yes, then your printer is ready to work. If not, your printer is only installed in windows with a setup file and not over a TCP/IP Port. Follow these below steps in each network computer to add the printer over the TCP/IP Port.

  • Open the devices and drivers menu and right-click on the printer icon
  • Choose printer properties and click on ports
  • Next, check for the option that starts with Add Port
  • Double-click on “Standard TCP/IP Port”
  • Add IP address and continue the setup
  • Choose the generic network card as default and choose Next
  • Click on “Finish”
  • Close the dialog box of ports
  • Check once that the Internet Protocol (IP) address has a selection
  • If there is a selection, click on APPLY and then OK

Step 2:

The above method is ideal when one computer is having an “offline” error. If multiple users are having the “offline” issue, then you can disable the SNMP of the entire printer itself. This method requires going into the printer’s web interface and accessing the printer port settings to disable SNMP. Follow the below instructions in order to disable the SNMP through the web GUI.

  • Firstly, hold on the printer network manual given by the company.
  • Type the IP address into your web browsers address bar.
  • Click “Network Settings” on the left menu.
  • Log in as the administrator with the default password – admin
  • Under network settings on the left menu, choose Services Settings
  • Move to the SNMP tab at the top of the page
  • Switch the “Enabled” drop down to “Disabled”
  • Click “Submit”

These instructions will definitely assist you to fix your offline printer quickly. However, If you’re not sure how to disable SNMP, just check the instructions in your printer manual or contact your nearby printer repair consultants. Hope this blog is helpful!

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