6 Things To Consider Before Buying Your First-Time Printer

Printers have tremendously gained popularity over the past few years as they are extensively used for educational, personal and many business related jobs. But, when you wish to buy a printer, it can be quiet daunting in order to make the right decision. Today, the market is flooded with different types and brands of printers to choose from. If you or your company is in the market for a new printer, check out this blog that rounds out some of the more important criteria to contemplate before buying your first-time printer.


Inkjet Vs Laser Type: Which Printer Should You Get?

The first thing to do is to find out what kind of printer you need i.e. inkjet or laser type. The inkjet printer uses ink and is appropriate for low volume printing. Perhaps, it’s most commonly used at home and small businesses. While a laser printer uses toner and produces excellent print quality and they can handle a higher volume than the inkjet. In case, if you need to print tons of documents for your organization, this printer is traditionally the most effective solution for business that has significant office uses.

Is it’s Capable of Photo-Quality Print

Each printer has its own capabilities of printing. However, no inkjet printer can produce a far superior photo-quality than laser printers. Although, laser printers is much expensive it is worth it. If you’re an office user and seeking out for high-quality images for your designing work, you can rely on laser printers. If you’re a home user, then you can move through standard quality inkjet printers.

Number of Users: Either Multi-User or Single User?

Another major thing to consider before purchasing the printer is to know whether it’s a multi-user or single user type. If you’re a single user, then you can move to the printer without networking. If a printer employed by many folks, LAN Ethernet network ability is essential for optimum sharing. Nowadays, all printers on the market come with wired connectivity. They can connect to your computer via a USB port. And, a few devices offer both wired and Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth is a great option for printing from local mobile devices.

Paper Handling

paper folding

It really depends on what kind of paper you want to use. You must shop for those specific printers based on the need. For instance, for a busy workspace, having enough paper in the printer at all times is a necessity, so you must look for the printer that consists of a standard tray of 250 sheets. This helps you to make your work easier and quicker.

Print Speed

If you want to print the volume of papers quickly, then the print speed is the essential factor to consider in your purchase decision. For the printer speed, the solution is to rely on a faster printer.

Duplexing: Scanning or Two-sided Printing

If you need a double-sided printing, then your printer must have a duplexing unit. Duplexing refers to printing or scanning both sides of the sheet of paper without requiring that you manually flip the page over. That means, it will automatically flip over the piece of paper after the first side has been printed.

Conclusion: Before buying the printer think wisely about the features, capabilities you need. This simply facilitates to search out for the best. To know more about the printer features, you can also contact Printerofflinefix, a leading online and offline printer repair expert, who is always ready to assist you with the best printer buying tips. Hope this blog is helpful!

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