7 Common HP Printer Problems and How to Fix Them Quickly

In today’s world, a computer user is busier than ever, no matter how big the business is, one needs a printer! In fact, printing is no longer a luxury, it’s just a need. Moreover, if you hear the word printer, obviously it is an HP printer the most preferred choice globally. It tops the list of printers for its innovative design, outstanding printing works and simple user interface. Having the right and reliable HP printer in the home/office is necessary to streamline work. Printers are really great when they work, but when they don’t it can be extremely frustrating. Here we have listed out the top HP printer problems and quick-fix remedies in order to get your printer back online

Common Printers

  1. Paper Jams: Check Your Printer

One of the most common issues of HP printer is a paper jam. If there is any tiny rip in your paper or a little dirt has accumulated on the rollers, it can cause the sensors to create a paper jam warning. Typically, this is an easy fix. Just open your printer, take out the toner and drum and gently pull the paper out.  Remember that your printer should be always clean, use the correct paper size, and finally, check out if the roller is perfect or not.

  1. Ghosting In HP Printer

Ghosting refers to an image or letter that is printed much lighter or else repeated several times down the length of a page at even intervals. It is usually caused due to a problem with the power outlet that is supplying power to the printer. So in order to fix it, you must replace the worn-out parts and change the power outlet plug immediately to eliminate ghosting.

  1. Error 50.4 Message

When 50.4 error messages are displayed on your printer, it indicates a problem with the power supply. This can be fixed easily. If your printer is connected to UPS then just disconnect and connect directly into a wall outlet.

  1. Cartridge Error Code in HP Printer

If you find this message its time you replace your cartridge, or you have low ink, order a new cartridge as soon as the message appears, but don’t install it until it either stops printing or the colors fade. To fix it, turn on the printer and open the cover where the ink cartridge is located. Remove the cartridge and use a clean, dry cloth to gently wipe the contacts. Finally, place it again back in the carriage and turn off your HP printer for a minute.

  1. Can’t Find A Driver For A Particular Operating System?

As new operating systems are released, new drivers should be loaded for your existing HP printers. However, if you’re unsure what driver you may need, go to your printer manufacturer’s website or else printer manual that comes with the printer during purchase and see which device is compatible with the operating system and update it accordingly.

  1. Trouble While Printing Onto Envelopes

Envelopes can cause several issues in HP printers. In order to fix it, use envelopes that are close to 20-lb paper in weight and thickness. Also, ensure that the adhesive on the envelope can withstand the heat that the fuser puts out to keep the printing on the page.

  1. Error 79 In HP Printers

An error 79 indicates a problem with the network print server. To troubleshoot 79 error, make sure there are no jobs pending, and remove all the add-ons and then add the removed add-ons back again to the printer one by one to determine which module caused the error.

In fact, 99% of printer problems are solved by turning the printer off by unplugging the printer from the mains, this helps the printer get back to offline without any trouble. No matter how old your HP printer is, this blog can help you diagnose and fix the common printer problems as quickly as possible. Have a good day!

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