How to fix common printer problems?

What To Do When Epson Printer Stop Printing Colour?

It is one of the most common issues that entails Epson Printers. The best solution is to go to Google and looks for solutions that can help in solving the problem. There are countless printer forums like ours that will help you. As for steps, you can start by turning the printer off, unplugging it and disconnect all related USB cables. Reconnect everything in a few moments and print a “Print Test Page”. The option will be available on printer display screen. Check all ink levels and double check the ink volume. This usually does the trick.

What Happens When An Epson Printer Stops Working With Browser?

For this, you need to go to the Start Icon located on the left of the screen and then select Control Panel. GO to devices and then Printers. Press right click in question and tap on “see what’s printing”. A window will pop up where you will need to click on Printer from the top bar. Select “use printer online” option and this should work. If it stops working again then repeat these steps again.

How To Fix Software Crashing/Freezing Problem In Epson Printer?

Almost all systems are vulnerable to occasional crashes but this one happens especially with some Epson printers. There can be hardware and software issues related to it. So to resolve this, you will need to go with some trial-and-error experimentations. The physical reasons may include bad printer driver, faulty USB port or fluctuating power supply. But if everything is working, then you may need to give a serious check to the printer. It might be a faulty Epson, call the company and get it fixed or replaced.

How To Resolve Epson Scanning Issue?

You can give a try to following steps:

Before proceeding to troubleshooting steps connect printer to computer properly and switch on all devices. Run the troubleshooter in Windows and go to the search box, then select troubleshoot, tap printer and run troubleshooter. You can also try uninstalling and re-installing the printer. Follow the steps provided in printer manual.